We Only Make Quality Cannabis Products.

Flower / Pre-Rolls

CITIVA merges advanced botanical science with thousand-year-old cultivation techniques, in order to grow organic, high-grade cannabis for a variety of uses, including our premium pre-rolls. CITIVA not only adheres to agricultural and industry best practices but hopes to raise the standard with sustainable and ethical growing practices.

Vape Technology

CITIVA’s line of vape pens and vape cartridges exceeds standard hardware safety requirements. CITIVA has obtained a UL 8139 certification for the devices that will be part of our imminent initial launch. The 8139 certification is the most thorough safety standard for vaping device hardware. All CITIVA vaping devices will be 8139-certified prior to market launch.

Oil Concentrates

CITIVA’s proprietary extraction process involves a closed-loop, food-grade ethanol extraction, ensuring a low-waste process, and premium-quality products. A four-chamber filtration process allows us to reach top level of purity in our cannabis oil. Cannabis has been a natural remedy for thousands of years, and with our cutting edge, safe and efficient extraction processes we aim to preserve its natural essence.


CITIVA tinctures are made with our specially formulated full-plant extract. Top-shelf flower has the widest and densest cannabinoid, sub-cannabinoid, and terpene content available. We do not use shake, trim, or low-quality bud/flower for our extractions or products, so the first dropper-full has the same cannabinoid content as the last.


Edibles offer a safe, familiar, and delicious way to consume cannabis. Strict manufacturing standards and rigorous quality control and testing measures guarantee all CITIVA dosing information is accurate and reliable. Our team of artisan chefs, science, and product development teams work hand-in-hand to deliver the highest quality, most desired cannabis edible products.


CITIVA tablets are a convenient, discrete dosing solution for those most comfortable consuming cannabis in pill form. Our tablet roll-out will include a variety of cannabinoid contents and concentrations, perfect for any type of cannabis consumer.

CBD / Hemp

CITIVA is developing extensive CBD/Hemp product lines. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil comes in a broad range of variations depending on potency, delivery method, and portion size.

Certificate of Analysis (COAs)

Select the lot number of your product to view the lab report (certificate of analysis) for your product: