Live Better Through Cannabis.

Improving How We Live

CITIVA set out on this journey five years ago with the goal of improving people’s lives. With the support of our community partners, and through utilizing education to promote healthier lifestyles we continue to realize that dream.

Building a Community

Through research and sponsored programs with the University of the West Indies (UWI), CITIVA remains committed to improving cannabis education at the university level.

In partnership with local Jamaican Foundations, CITIVA has had the opportunity to support youth schools and health education programs throughout Jamaica.

With UWI and our philanthropy partners, CITIVA is developing a university-certified educational program targeted to veterans, and open to all who are interested in cannabis cultivation and production.

Company Values

Company Value #1

Live better through cannabis.

Introducing Cannabis into your life may offer a natural pathway to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Value 1

Company Value #2

Remove the stigma of cannabis.

At CITIVA we work to showcase the potential cannabis has in the education and medical fields.

value 2

Company Value #3

Provide the best products possible.

CITIVA products are formulated and developed by multidisciplinary experts in order to ensure premium quality standards.

Value 3

Company Value #4

Cannabis should be accessible to everyone.

At CITIVA we produce economical products without sacrificing quality.

Value 4

CITIVA Leadership Team

David Palmieri

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Volman

Chief Strategy Officer

Frank Turano

Chief Financial Officer

Matan Cohen

VP of Marketing

Michael Emanuel

Machel Emanuel

Lead Horticulturist, PhD

Joseph Canillo

Joseph Canillo

Lead Science Director, PhD

David Michael Palmieri

Director of Operations, NY and Jamaica

Vito Cannillo

Business Development (Europe)

Chadia Patterson

Lead Laboratory Technician